Table 1

Demographic characteristics, AUSCAN, and Kellgren–Lawrence scores of 308 patients with symptomatic hand osteoarthritis (OA)*

Study population (N=308)Group I (n=20)Group II (n=138)Group III (n=150)p Value†
Age‡ (yrs)60.1 (7.3)59.0 (5.7)60.7 (7.6)59.7 (7.4)NS
Women (%)86.475.081.292.6p<0.01, III vs I
p=0.01, III vs II
Postmenopausal (%)88.766.791.289.2NS
Body mass index‡ (kg/m2)26.9 (4.6)28.2 (5.9)26.6 (4.3)26.9 (4.6)NS
ACR criteria hand OA (%)
Right-handed only (%)78.775.077.479.3NS
Symptomatic hand OA only (%)12.121.711.710.9NS
Number of painful hand joints§5 (2–10)2 (1.3–2)4 (2–8)7 (4–12)NS
Number of stiff hand joints§5 (0–16)0 (0–0)6 (0–16)7 (2–17)NS
Number of bony swellings§9 (6–14)6 (4–12.3)9 (5–14)9 (6–14)NS
 Total (0–60)22.5 (12.8)23.1 (11.7)18.3 (11.9)26.4 (12.5)p<0.01, II vs III
 Pain (0–20)7.5 (4.4)7.8 (3.9)6.1 (4.1)8.9 (4.2)p<0.01, II vs III
 Function (0–36)13.2 (8.5)13.9 (8.0)10.6 (8.0)15.6 (8.5)p<0.01, II vs III
 Total (0–120)15 (8–25)16.5 (11–24)14 (7.8–23)16 (8–27)NS
 IPJ (0–72)12 (6–22)12.5 (8–20)13 (6.8–22)11.5 (6–22.3)NS
 CMCJ (0–8)2 (0–4)4 (2.3–5)1 (0–3)3 (1–5)p<0.01, II vs I
p&lt;0.01, II vs III
  • Group I: symptoms at first CMCJs only; group II: symptoms at IPJs only; group III: symptoms at first CMCJs and IPJs. AUSCAN was unavailable for 10 patients assigned to group II and 16 patients assigned to group III.

  • * Hand OA was defined by the ACR criteria for clinical hand OA or the presence of structural abnormalities (multiple bony swellings or radiological OA) in the hands in addition to reporting hand pain and/or stiffness on most of the days of the previous month;

  • p Value derived from one-way ANOVA, Mann–Whitney U test or χ2 test;

  • mean (SD);

  • § median (IQR).

  • ACR, American College of Rheumatology; CMCJ, carpometacarpal joint; IPJ, interphalangeal joint.