Table 1

Demographics and baseline disease characteristics*

CharacteristicAZA (n=52)MMF (n=53)
Race, n (C/A/B)41/4/742/5/6
Gender, n (F/M)48/448/5
Age in years, mean±SD33±1133±10
Past SLE renal disease, %1318
Previous GC use, %5347
Previous IS use, %2729
Serum creatinine, mg/dl (mean ± SD)1.02±0.471.01±0.33
24 h proteinuria, g (mean±SD)2.94±2.423.63±2.80
Serum albumin, g/dl (mean±SD)3.01±0.752.97±0.66
Haemoglobin, g/dl (mean±SD)10.96±1.9810.93±1.63
Serum C3, mg/dl (mean±SD)55±2949±26
ECLAM score, mean±SD6.95±1.836.41±1.86
SLEDAI score, mean ± SD17±819±6
WHO class, n (III/IV/Vc/Vd)17/30/2/316/31/1/5
  • * None of the 14 baseline variables were statistically different between the 2 groups (χ2 or unpaired t tests).

  • A, Asian; AZA, azathioprine; B, Black; C, Caucasian; ECLAM, European Consensus Lupus Activity Measurement; F, female; GCs, glucocorticoids; IS, immunosuppressant; M, Male; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; SLEDAI, SLE Disease Activity Index.