Table 1

Selected questions on NPSLE for the literature search

Prevalence and risk factors
 What is the prevalence of neuropsychiatric manifestations in SLE patients and how much more common are they compared to people without SLE?
 Are any of the classic risk factors for the neuropsychiatric manifestations more common in SLE patients?
 Are there any risk factors that are specific to SLE patients only?
Screening, diagnosis and monitoring
 Should the screening and diagnostic work-up and monitoring for SLE patients with neuropsychiatric manifestations differ from that in non-SLE patients and if so, what particular tests should be applied and in which settings or indications?
Prevention and treatment
 Are there any treatment interventions that need to be specifically considered in SLE patients with neuropsychiatric manifestations, and if so, with what diagnostic documentation and with what threshold of initiation, dosage, duration, contraindications?
 Is prognosis different in SLE patients with neuropsychiatric manifestations compared to non-SLE patients regarding the manifestation itself and the disease in general?
  • NPSLE, neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus.