Table 1

RR of RA overall, ACPA-positive RA and ACPA-negative RA according to exposure to any vaccination up to 5 years before RA onset

Any vaccinationCases/controlsOR (95% CI)*
Total RAYes582/6171.0 (0.9 to 1.1)
ACPA-positive RAYes351/6171.0 (0.8 to 1.1)
ACPA-negative RAYes217/6171.0 (0.8 to 1.2)
  • * Adjusted for age, residential area and gender.

  • ACPA status missing for 31 cases.

  • Vaccination data were missing for 6 cases and 14 controls. Vaccination data during index year were excluded for 141 cases and 254 controls.

  • ACPA, antibodies to citrullinated peptides; RA, rheumatoid arthritis. RR, relative risk.