Table 3

Crude and adjusted RR for incident or enlarging BML in the same compartment as meniscal pathology

Cartilage lesion at baselineNo cartilage lesion at baseline
Incident or enlarging BML*Incident or enlarging BML
Medial meniscus pathologyYesNoYesNo
Crude RR (95% CI)1.8(1.4 to 2.4)1.9(1.0 to 3.4)
Adjusted RR (95% CI)1.6(1.2 to 2.1)2.0(1.1 to 3.6)
Lateral meniscus pathologyYesNoYesNo
Crude RR (95% CI)2.8(1.9 to 3.9)7.6(3.5 to 16.5)
Adjusted RR (95% CI)2.5(1.7 to 3.7)7.9(3.7 to 17.1)
  • The analyses are stratified by ipsilateral cartilage status at baseline (missing value for medial compartment for two knees and lateral compartment for one knee).

  • Numbers are n if not otherwise stated.

  • * Missing value for two knees for the lateral compartment.

  • Poisson regression (using generalised estimating equations) adjusted for age, sex, body mass index, physical activity level, and mechanical axis at baseline.

  • BML, bone marrow lesion.