Table 1

Evidence, agreement and votes for each of the recommendations

ItemCategory of evidenceStrength of recommendationLevel of agreementPercentage of votes at last ballot (number of ballots*)
1IIIC9.183 (1)
2IVD7.876 (8)
3IbA8.677 (3)
4IbA8.777 (6)
5IVD8.553 (3)
6IVD9.093.4 (5)
7IVD9.379.6 (9)
8IIIC9.792.6 (1)
9IVD9.574.5 (3)
10IVD9.390.6 (4)
  • * For several of the items the number of votes relates to the details of the wording, while the inclusion of the statement has been agreed upon at earlier ballots.