Table 3

International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)—categories of the component “Activities and participation” included in the Comprehensive ICF Core Set for ankylosing spondylitis

ICF codeICF category titlePoint of decision in voting cycle*
Chapter 2 General tasks and demands
d230Carrying out daily routineCycle 1; vote2
d240Handling stress and other psychological demandsCycle 1; plenary vote
Chapter 4 Mobility
d410Changing basic body positionCycle 1; vote1
d415Maintaining a body positionCycle 1; vote1
d430Lifting and carrying objectsCycle 1; plenary vote
d450WalkingCycle 1; vote1
d455Moving aroundCycle 1; vote1
d470Using transportationCycle 1; vote1
d475DrivingCycle 1; vote1
Chapter 5 Self-care
d510Washing oneselfCycle 1; vote1
d520Caring for body partsCycle 1; vote1
d530ToiletingCycle 1; plenary vote
d540DressingCycle 1; vote1
d570Looking after one’s healthCycle 1; plenary vote
Chapter 6 Domestic life
d620Acquisition of goods and servicesCycle 1; plenary vote
d640Doing houseworkCycle 1; vote1
d660Assisting othersCycle 1; plenary vote
Chapter 7 Family and interpersonal relationships
d760Family relationshipsCycle 1; plenary vote
d770Intimate relationshipsCycle 1; plenary vote
Chapter 8 Major life areas
d845*Acquiring, keeping and terminating a jobCycle 1; vote1
d850Remunerative employmentCycle 1; vote1
d870*Economic self-sufficiencyCycle 1; plenary vote
Chapter 9 Community, social and civic life
d910*Community lifeCycle 1; plenary vote
d920*Recreation and leisureCycle 1; vote1
  • *Categories that would not have been selected based on the individual votes; vote1, category selected in the first working group discussions of a cycle; vote2, category selected in the second work group discussions of a cycle; plenary vote, category selected during the plenary discussion.