Table 2

International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)—categories of the component “Body structures” included in the Comprehensive ICF Core Set for ankylosing spondylitis

ICF codeICF category titlePoint of decision in voting cycle*
Chapter 2 Eye, ear and related structures
s220Structure of eyeballCycle 1; plenary vote
    s2202IrisCycle 2; vote2
Chapter 4 Structures cardiovascular, immunological or respiratory system
s430Structure of respiratory systemCycle 1; vote1
    s4302Thoracic cageCycle 2; vote2
Chapter 7 Structures related to movement
s-nc*Postural change
s720Structure of shoulder regionCycle 1; vote1
s740Structure of pelvic regionCycle 1; vote1
s750Structure of lower extremityCycle 1; vote1
    s75001Hip jointCycle 2; vote2
    s75011Knee jointCycle 2; plenary
    s75021Ankle joint and joints of foot and toesCycle 2; plenary
s760Structure of trunkCycle 1; vote1
    s7600Structure of vertebral columnCycle 2; vote2
    s76000Cervical vertebral columnCycle 2; vote2
    s76001Thoracic vertebral columnCycle 2; vote2
    s76002Lumbar vertebral columnCycle 2; vote2
s770Additional musculoskeletal structures related to movementCycle 1; vote1
    s7700BonesCycle 2; vote2
    s7702MusclesCycle 2; plenary
    s7703Extra-articular ligaments, fasciae, extramuscular aponeuroses, retinacula, septa, bursae, unspecifiedCycle 2; vote2
  • *Categories that would not have been selected based on the individual votes; s-nc, category not covered in the component body structures; vote1, category selected in the first working group discussions of a cycle; vote2, category selected in the second working group discussions of a cycle; plenary vote, category selected during the plenary discussion.