Table 1

International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)—categories of the component “Body functions” included in the Comprehensive ICF Core Set for ankylosing spondylitis

ICF codeICF category titlePoint of decision in voting cycle*
Chapter 1 Mental functions
b130Energy and drive functionsCycle 1; vote1
    b1300Energy levelCycle 2; vote2
    b1301MotivationCycle 2; plenary
b134Sleep functionsCycle 1; vote1
b152*Emotional functionsCycle 1; plenary vote
Chapter 2 Sensory functions and pain
b210*Seeing functionsCycle 1: plenary vote
b280Sensation of painCycle 1; vote1
    b28010Pain in head and neckCycle 2; vote2
    b28011Pain in chestCycle 2; vote2
    b28013Pain in backCycle 2; vote2
    b28014Pain in upper limbCycle 2; plenary
    b28015Pain in lower limbCycle 2; vote2
    b28016Pain in jointsCycle 2; plenary
    b28018Pain body part, other specifiedCycle 2; plenary
Chapter 4 Functions of cardiovascular, immunological and respiratory system
b440Respiration functionsCycle 1; vote1
    b4402Depth of respirationCycle 2; plenary
b455Exercise tolerance functionsCycle 1; vote1
Chapter 6 Genitourinary and procreation system
b640Sexual functionsCycle 1; vote2
Chapter 7 Neuromusculoskeletal and movement-related functions
b710Mobility of joint functionsCycle 1; vote1
b740*Muscle endurance functionsCycle 1; plenary vote
b770Gait pattern functionsCycle 1; vote1
b780Sensations related to muscles and movement functionsCycle 1; plenary vote
    b7800Sensation of muscle stiffnessCycle 2; vote2
  • *Categories that would not have been selected based on the individual votes; vote1, category selected in the first working group discussions of a cycle; vote2, category selected in the second working group discussions of a cycle; plenary vote, category selected during the plenary discussion.