Table 1

Characteristics of the 14 randomised controlled trials reporting serious infections in ankylosing spondylitis and included in the systematic literature review for risks of infections

Control groups (placebo)Treatment groups
StudyFollow-up (weeks)TreatmentPatients (N)Serious infections (N)Non-serious infections (N)TreatmentPatients (N)Serious infections (N)Non-serious infections (N)
Barkhuizen et al2312Placebo156015NSAIDs455042
Dougados et al276Placebo7604NSAIDs170014
van der Heijde et al206Placebo9303NSAIDs29409
Sieper et al2912No placebo0NSAIDs versus NSAIDS458020
Braun et al2412Placebo35018Infliximab35112
Marzo-Ortega et al2830Placebo1402Infliximab2806
van der Heijde et al2224Placebo78027Infliximab201284
Breban et al3058No placebo0Infliximab continous versus infliximab on demand2477130
Brandt et al1930Placebo1706Etanercept1606
Calin et al2512Placebo3900Etanercept4500
Davis et al2624Placebo139125Etanercept138236
Gorman et al316Placebo20012Etanercept20012
van der Heijde et al2112Placebo51012Etanercept305268
van der Heijde et al224Placebo107122Adalimumab208066
  • NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.