Table 3

ORs for SNP Hsp70-4 and different Hsp70 haplotypes comparing patients with SLE with healthy controls

Population: OR for SNP Hsp70-4 allelesORp Value95% CI
Erlangen (n=435)
 C versus T1.430.011.08 to 1.89
OMRF (n=934)
 C versus T1.300.0081.07 to 1.58
Population: OR for haplotypesORp Value95% CI
Erlangen (n=435)
 C–G/C–G versus C–G/T–G1.880.0091.18 to 3.02
 C–G/C–G versus T–G/T–G2.640.061.02 to 6.85
OMRF (n=934)
 C–G/C–G versus C–G/T–G1.430.031.04 to 1.96
 C–G/C–G versus T–G/T–G3.16< 0.0011.67 to 5.97
  • ORs were calculated using the Fisher exact test.

  • OMRF, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus.