Table 2

Mean changes from baseline in the ACR core set variables at week 24 (adjusted means; ITT population)

ACR core set variablesTocilizumab 8 mg/kg(n = 286)Methotrexate(n = 284)Treatment difference(95% CI)Superiority criteria met
SJC−11.7−8.2−3.5 (−5.2 to −1.7)Yes
TJC−17.2−13.9−3.3 (−5.9 to −0.6)Yes
Patient’s global VAS (mm)−34.5−30.7−3.8 (−8.9 to 1.3)No
Physician’s global VAS (mm)−41.3−31.7−9.6 (−13.5 to −5.6)Yes
Patient’s pain VAS (mm)−31.9−29.9−2.0 (−6.9 to 3.0)No
CRP (mg/dl)−2.8−1.9−0.9 (−1.5 to −0.3)Yes
ESR (mm/h)−37.3−16.1−21.1 (−26.0 to −16.2)Yes
HAQ-DI−0.7−0.5−0.2 (−0.3 to −0.1)Yes
  • ACR, American College of Rheumatology; CI, confidence interval; CRP, C-reactive protein; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; HAQ-DI, Health Assessment Questionnaire-Disability Index; ITT, intention to treat; SJC, swollen join count; TJC, tender joint count; VAS, visual analogue scale.