Table 1 Description of review articles on back pain
ReviewNo of studies that included psychosocial factors (types of study: earliest and latest year of inclusion)Data sourcesMain outcome measuresPopulationsSearch languages
Bongers et al, 19933330 (9 CO, 21 CS: 1973–92)Medline, OSH-ROM, CISDOC, PsycINFO and manual searchingBack pain and back disordersGeneral and working populationsNot stated
Ferguson & Marras,19972616 (2 CO and 14 CS)Not indicatedLow back pain or discomfort or injury, or lost/restricted timeNo restrictions indicatedEnglish
Lagerstrom et al, 19983117 (7 CO, 10 CS:1988–98)Medline, NIOSHTIC, ARBLINE, SpilineLow back problemsNursesNot stated
Davis & Heany, 20003262 (14 CO, 1 CC, 47 CS: 1973–98)Medline, PsycINFO, Institute for Scientific InformationIncident or prevalent low back painNot indicatedEnglish
Hoogendoorn et al, 20002913 (11 CO, 2 CC: 1949–97)Medline, Embase, PsycLIT, NIOSHTIC, ISDOC, HSELINESymptoms or signs of non-specific back pain (and including consequences of back pain)General and working populationsEnglish, Dutch, German, French
Linton, 20012711 (11 CO: 1967–2000)Medline, PsycINFO, ARBLINEBack pain, neck pain or musculoskeletal pain (but focusing mainly on back pain)General and working populationsEnglish
Hartvigsen, et al, 20042840 (40 CO: 1990–2002)Medline, PsycINFO, OSH-ROMLow back pain and consequencesGeneral and working populationsEnglish
  • CC, case–control; CO, cohort; CS, cross-sectional.