Table 2

Interferon (IFN) score in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) stratified by the presence or absence of serological, clinical and treatment variables

Disease manifestationAbsentPresentp Value
nIFN5 Mean (SD)nIFN5 Mean (SD)
Laboratory values
    α-dsDNA4359.0 (51.6)5178.0 (50.4)0.022
    α-Ro6262.5 (47.1)1283.7 (57.4)NS
    α-La7769.4 (52.0)1265.8 (46.7)NS
    α- Sm7365.6 (52.6)1684.2 (41.5)0.050
    α-RNP6161.0 (47.1)2886.1 (47.1)0.008
    α-RBP4757.0 (46.7)4781.6 (53.2)0.016
    C3 and/or C44961.8 (45.2)4577.3 (56.7)NS
    C35660.1 (45.0)3883.8 (55.8)0.018
Clinical parameters
    Renal SLEDAI-2K (⩾1 criteria)*5861.5 (43.8)3681.8 (60.1)NS
    Renal SLEDAI-2K (⩾3 criteria)8162.3 (43.1)13110.2 (77.5)0.033
    Proteinuria (>0.5 g/24 h)5961.2 (44.5)3582.9 (59.4)NS
    ACR criteria (≥4 criteria)1269.8 (51.7)7269.2 (51.6)NS
    SLICC (≥1 criteria)3875.5 (53.5)5665.0 (49.8)NS
    Prednisone2854.4 (33.5)6675.6 (56.3)NS
    Antimalarials3060.3 (43.5)6474.0 (54.2)NS
    Immunosuppresives4858.2 (46.1)4680.6 (53.6)0.039
  • *The renal descriptors of the SLEDAI-2K (urinary casts (heme-granular or red cell casts), haematuria (>5 RBC/HPF), proteinuria (>0.5 g/24 h) and pyuria (>5 WBC/HPF)) were used. Subgroup analysis, based on specific clinical manifestations, was restricted to patients with renal disease since they represent the majority of active patients. Only 28 patients exhibited heterogeneous clinical features in the absence of renal involvement, limiting further analysis.

  • ACR, American College of Rheumatology; n, number of patients; NS, not significant; anti-RBP, any anti-RNA binding protein antibody; SLEDAI, systemic lupus erythematosus disease activity index; SLICC, Systemic Lupus International Collaborative Clinics.