Table 2 Mean values for %CD4+FOXP3+ and 95% CI for the “non-oligarticular” group (comprising systemic, polyarticular RF+ and RF, and extended oligoarticular ILAR categories), the persistent oligoarticular group and a healthy control group
n%CD4+FOXP3+ (mean)95% CI
Non-oligoarticular*276.485.54 to 7.43
    Systemic†44.792.31 to 7.27
    Polyarticular RF+77.325.44 to 9.20
    Polyarticular RF106.575.00 to 8.14
    Extended oligoarticular66.494.45 to 8.51
Persistent oligoarticular*†228.197.00 to 9.39
Healthy controls336.916.05 to 7.78
  • *When individual ILAR subtypes were compared there was a significant difference between the systemic and persistent oligoarticular ILAR subtypes (p = 0.031); Games–Howell post hoc test analysis (which accounts for the differing group sizes).

  • †Regulatory T cells (TReg ) were significantly higher in the persistent oligoarticular group when compared with the non-oligoarticular group (p = 0.044) but not healthy controls (p = 0.720).

  • ILAR, International League of Associations for Rheumatology; RF, rheumatoid factor.