Table 3 Comparison of SSc subset and autoantibody prevalence between two EUSTAR centres within a single city
CentreN% dcSSc% lcSSc% Scl70% ACA
Berlin, Charité, Dermatology3917.9**82.1**20.541.0
Berlin, Charité, Rheumatology17051.1**48.2**25.340.0
Lublin, University Hospital, Dermatology402.5**97.5**45.0**27.5*
Lublin, University Hospital, Rheumatology3658.3**41.7**41.7**11.1*
Madrid, Hospital Ramon Cajal, Rheumatology2060.
Madrid, Hospital 12 de Octubre, Rheumatology7346.653.438.430.1
Milan, University Hospital, Immunology13230.3*69.7*40.936.4
Milan, Gaetano Pini Hospital, Rheumatology5056.0*44.0*56.042.0
Paris, Cochin University Hospital, Rheumatology7356.2**43.8**42.512.3**
Paris, Saint Louis, Internal Medicine4780.9**19.1**53.22.1**
Prague, Charles University, Dermatology1643.8**56.2**68.86.3
Prague, Charles University, Rheumatology248.3**91.7**70.88.3
  • The asterisks indicate that the variances of the populations are not equal between centres by Levene’s testing. *p<0.05; **p<0.001. ACA, anticentromere autoantibody; dcSSc, diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis; lcSSc, limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis; SSc, systemic sclerosis.