Table 4 Treatment outcome and required IFX doses 2 years after starting initial or delayed MTX+IFX
Initial IFX (n = 117)Delayed IFX (n = 67)p Value
Stopped IFX and still DAS ⩽2.4, no. (%)66 (56)19 (29)<0.001
    Max dose IFX 3 mg/kg, no.3810
    Max dose IFX 6 mg/kg, no.218
    Max dose IFX 7.5 mg/kg, no.41
    Max dose IFX 10 mg/kg, no.3
Remained on MTX+IFX, no. (%)22 (19)27 (40)0.002
    Max dose IFX 3 mg/kg, no.75
    Max dose IFX 6 mg/kg, no.44
    Max dose IFX 7.5 mg/kg, no.65
    Max dose IFX 10 mg/kg, no.513
Failed on MTX+IFX, no. (%)29 (25)21 (31)0.336
    Due to toxicity, no.86
    Due to inefficacy, no.2113
    Due to other reasons, no.2
  • DAS, disease activity score; IFX, infliximab; MTX, methotrexate.