Table 2 Characteristics of randomised controlled trials included in the analysis
SourceMean disease duration, yearsInadequate response to (notes)Active treatment groupControl groupDuration of control, weeks
ActiveMean exposure¶ yearsControlMean exposure¶ years
Furst et al3010.4Standard RA therapyADA 40 mg eow + DMARD3180.48DMARD3180.4824
van de Putte et al2710.0⩾1 DMARDADA 20 mg qw720.22Placebo700.1712
ADA 40 mg qw700.23
ADA 80 mg qw720.22
Weinblatt et al3112.3⩾1 and ⩽4 DMARDADA 20 mg eow + MTX690.39MTX620.3424
besides MTXADA 40 mg eow + MTX670.42
ADA 80 mg eow + MTX730.42
Keystone et al3211.012.5 mg/week MTXADA 20 mg qw + MTX2120.90MTX2000.8554
ADA 40 mg eow + MTX2070.88
van de Putte et al3311.0⩾1 DMARDADA 20 mg qw1120.43Placebo1100.3626
ADA 20 mg eow1060.42
ADA 40 mg qw1030.47
ADA 40 mg eow1130.42
Breedveld et al340.7MTX naiveADA 40 mg eow + MTX2681.80MTX2571.67104
ADA 40 mg eow2741.59
Moreland et al2612.0⩾1 and ⩽4 DMARDETA 10 mg bw760.42Placebo800.3324
ETA 25 mg bw780.44
Weinblatt et al27 Kremer et al3513.015–25 mg/week MTXETA 25 mg bw + MTX590.45 (3.78†)MTX300.4024
Bathon et al37 11.7MTX naiveETA 10 mg bw2081.61MTX2171.58104
Genovese et al36ETA 25 mg bw2071.72
Keystone et al3811.012.5–25 mg/week ETA 50 mg qw2140.29Placebo530.158
MTXETA 25 mg bw1530.15 (0.19†)
Klareskog et al23 van 6.6⩽1 DMARD excluding ETA 25 mg bw2231.55MTX2281.44104
der Heidje et al39MTXETA 25 mg bw + MTX2311.68
Combe et al406.62–4 gm/day SSZETA 25 mg bw1030.50SSZ500.4224
ETA 25 mg bw + SSZ1010.50
Weisman et al299.8NA Co-morbiditiesETA 25 mg bw2660.29Placebo2690.2616
Maini et al2510.07.5–15 mg/week MTXIFX 1 mg/kg q4w150.18MTX140.2126
IFX 1 mg/kg q4w + MTX140.22
IFX 3 mg/kg q4w*140.26
IFX 3 mg/kg q4w + MTX*150.23
IFX 10 mg/kg q4w150.27
IFX 10 mg/kg q4w + MTX140.26
Maini et al25 Lipsky et al2410.6⩾12.5 mg/week MTXIFX 3 mg/kg q8w + MTX88§1.44MTX860.97102
Maini et al42IFX 3 mg/kg q4w + MTX861.51
IFX 10 mg/kg q8w + MTX871.63
IFX 10 mg/kg q8w + MTX811.53
St Clair et al430.9MTX naiveIFX 3 mg/kg q8w + MTX3720.94MTX2910.9654
IFX 6 mg/kg q8w + MTX3770.93
Abe et al447.9MTXIFX 3 mg/kg q8w + MTX490.24MTX470.2614
IFX 10 mg/kg q8w + MTX510.27
Westhovens et al457.5MTX Co-morbiditiesIFX 3–9 mg/kg q8w + MTX3600.41 (0.54)†MTX3630.4122
IFX 3 mg/kg q8w + MTX3380.43†
IFX 10 mg/kg q8w + MTX3610.40 (0.53)†
  • ADA, adalimumab; DMARD, disease-modifying antirheumatic drug; ETA, etanercept; IFX, infliximab; MTX, methotrexate; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; SSZ, sulfasalazine; bw, twice per week; eow, every other week; qw, every week. *Classified as recommended dosing. †Exposure after controlled portions of trial. ‡Year 1 exposure. §Two subjects were excluded as they erroneously received one dose. ¶Safety population.