Table 4 Patients enrolled in the national database 2003 who were unexposed to glucocorticoids in the past 12 months or were on glucocorticoids for more than 6 months by glucocorticoid dose (without cases also enrolled in the OM): patient characteristics and their adverse event rates (%) compared with the patterns identified in the OM
No glucocorticoids in past 12 monthsGlucocorticoid intake >6 months
⩽7.5 mg/day>7.5 mg/dayMatch of pattern
Patient characteristics
    No of cases1326152985
    Age, in years (mean)61.262.358.6
    Disease duration, in years (mean)12.413.713.2
    Severe disease, physician rating6%23%45%
        In women6%24%47%
        In men6%19%42%
Expected pattern of adverse events
    “Linear” rising
        Cushingoid phenotype1.46.935.4
        Leg oedema8.613.323.1
        Parchment-like skin2.917.024.6
        Shortness of breath10.313.416.9
        Sleep disturbance22.122.836.9Threshold at >7.5 mg/day
    Threshold at
        <5 mg/day
            Eye cataract5.76.99.2“Linear”
        5–7.5 mg/day
            Epistaxis3.14.16.2“Linear” (√)
            Weight gain10.214.727.7“Linear” (√)
        >7.5 mg/day
            Depression, listlessness10.511.815.4
            Increase in blood pressure17.617.929.2
  • OM, osteoporosis module.