Table 2 Patients enrolled in the OM who were unexposed to glucocorticoids in the past 12 months or were on glucocorticoids for more than 6 months by glucocorticoid dose: patients’ characteristics and their patterns of adverse event rates (%) by dose of glucocorticoid intake
No glucocorticoids in past 12 monthsPatients with glucocorticoid intake for >6 months
<5 mg/day5–7.5 mg/day>7.5 mg/day
Patient characteristics
    No of cases30710128190
    Age, in years (mean)58.460.960.461.5
    Disease duration, in years (mean)10.89.713.210.7
    Severe disease, physician rating6%11%23%39%
        In women5%13%24%39%
        In men8%0%19%40%
Patterns of adverse event rates (%) by dose of glucocorticoids
    “Linear” rising
        Cushingoid phenotype*2.74.315.824.6
        Leg oedema*9.511.620.226.2
        Parchment-like skin*
        Shortness of breath9.510.112.616.4
        Sleep disturbance*20.733.337.244.3
    Threshold at
        <5 mg/day
            Eye cataract2.710.17.78.2
        5–7.5 mg/day
            Weight gain*9.58.722.421.3
        >7.5 mg/day
            Depression, listlessness12.610.113.719.7
            Increase in blood pressure18.918.816.423.0
  • *The influence of the glucocorticoid dose on these adverse events was confirmed in a multivariate logistic regression model. OM, osteoporosis module.