Table 3 Interactive influence of shared epitope and padi4_94C>T genotype on presence of antinuclear antibodies
Shared epitopepadi4_94C>TOR (p value)p*Adjusted OR (p value)p*
se/seC/C1.0 (referent)3.52 (0.05)<0.011.0 (referent)6.20 (<0.04)0.006
SEC/C1.0 (referent)0.49 (0.07)1.0 (referent)0.36 (<0.02)
se/seC/C1.0 (referent)0.0011.0 (referent)0.0002
se/seC/T2.83 (0.14)4.71 (0.09)
se/seT/T5.15 (<0.03)9.58 (<0.02)
SEC/C1.0 (referent)1.0 (referent)
SEC/T0.62 (0.25)0.50 (0.13)
SET/T0.27 (<0.02)0.16 (0.004)
  • Odds ratios (ORs) and p values of univariate and multivariate analyses (adjusted for sex, antibody to cyclic citrullinated peptide, rheumatoid factor, disease duration, disease activity score 28, cumulative therapy intensity) are given. se/se, shared epitope negative; SE, shared epitope positive.

  • *p values for test of homogeneity across SE strata.