Table 4 Outcome of treatment in 31 JIA patients re-starting etanercept or infliximab and 73 patients switching to the second biological agent
The first biological agentRe-start of same agentSwitch to the second biological agent
Etanercept discontinued due toNA
    Adverse events111400110
    Inactive disease800020000
Infliximab discontinued due toNA
    Adverse events208251010
    Inactive disease500001000
Drug survival rate, n/total (%)17/31 (55%)15/27 (56%)10/29 (34%)9/15 (60%)0
  • *Drug continuation (n). †Discontinued due to adverse event (AE) (n). ‡Discontinued due to inefficacy (n). JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis; NA, not applicable.