Table 1 Demographic and disease characteristics of 100 probands with psoriatic arthritis
CharacteristicsPsA probandsFDRs with PsA
Age (years)3951
PsA duration (years)612
Age at onset of psoriasis (years)2831
Age at onset of PsA (years)3339
Actively inflamed joint count*123
Swollen joint count51
Clinically damaged joint count22
Radiographic damage score†43
Radiographic sacroiliitis (at least Grade 2)‡36%58%
Psoriasis Area and Severity Index score43.5
  • *Number of tender and/or swollen joints.

  • †According to the modified Steinbrocker method.

  • ‡According to the modified New York criteria.

  • FDRs, first-degree relatives; PsA, psoriatic arthritis.