Table 1 Summary of immunohistochemistry results for all bones included in the analysis. For all cells, numbers indicate median (interquartile range) number of cells/high power field (at ×20 magnification)
No MRI bone oedemaMRI bone oedemap Value
Osteoclast (TRAP+ MNC)0.1 (0–0.6)3.35 (1.8–6.0)0.01
Macrophage (CD68)32.6 (20.8–54.8)118.2 (72.6–253.0)0.02
Plasma cell3.2 (2.4–14.4)32.5 (9.4–140.6)0.05
CD8+ T cell (CD8)2.8 (1.6–6.4)13.3 (6.2–24.8)0.04
B cell (CD20)1.9 (0.8–7.8)5.1 (2.0–11.8)0.20
RANKL score1 (1–2)2 (1–3)0.09
  • MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; TRAP, tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase; TRAP+ MNC, TRAP-positive multinucleated cell adjacent to bone.

  • For RANKL staining, numbers indicate median (interquartile range) semi-quantitative score.