Table 6

Median changes in measures from baseline to end point according to whether participant was randomised to placebo or prednisone

MeasurePlacebo(N = 16)Prednisone(N = 15)
Physical function score (0–10))0.330.00
Pain VAS score (0–10)0.500.10
Patient global VAS score (0–10)0.650.00
RAPID3 composite score (0–30)1.200.54
Fatigue VAS score (0–10)0.450.00
Morning stiffness (minutes)0.000.00
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate−2.000.00
C-reactive protein0.25−0.30
  • No differences between groups were statistically significant (all p<0.05).

  • Negative sign indicates clinical improvement.

  • RAPID3, routine assessment of patient index data 3; VAS, visual analogue scale.