Table 5

Clinical trial results in 31 participants randomised to prednisone or placebo following gradual withdrawal of prednisone, according to baseline prednisone dose

Study groupClinical trial resultsBaseline prednisone doseTotal
1 mg2 mg3 mg4 mg
PrednisoneNumber randomised1210215
Withdrew (lack of efficacy)00303*
Completed trial126110*
Withdrew (administrative)00112
PlaceboNumber randomised0112316
Withdrew (lack of efficacy)019111*
Completed trial00224*
Withdrew (administrative)00101
  • *For 28 participants who either completed the trial or withdrew because of lack of efficacy, pā€Š=ā€Š0.021 by Fisher exact test (prednisone vs placebo). For all 31 randomised participants, pā€Š=ā€Š0.032 by Fisher exact test (prednisone vs placebo).