Table 3

Baseline mean level or percentage of participants randomised to placebo or prednisone

VariablePlacebo(N = 16)Prednisone(N = 15)
Demographic variables
    Age (years)50.153.3
    Female (%)62.5%66.7%
    Education (years)13.515.1
Disease variables
    Disease duration (years)4.48.1
    Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (<28 mm/h)18.914.6
    C-reactive protein (0–10)8.06.3
Questionnaire variables
    Physical function score (0–10)1.021.36
    Pain VAS score (0–10)1.641.68
    Global VAS score (0–10)1.411.83
    RAPID3 score (0–30)4.074.87
    Fatigue VAS score (0–10)1.852.16
    Morning stiffness (minutes)38.821.7
Medication variables
  • No differences between groups were statistically significant (p<0.05)

  • RAPID3, routine assessment of patient index data 3; VAS, visual analogue scale.