Table 2

Low-dose prednisone versus placebo in rheumatoid arthritis: enrolment results in 156 patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Total number of rheumatoid arthritis patients seen156 (100%)
Improving or recently begun on new arthritis therapy21 (13.5%)
Declining status9 (5.8%)
Fibromyalgia as a major clinical problem14 (9.0%)
Administrative: lives too far away15 (9.6%)
Language barrier to completion of questionnaire1 (0.6%)
Prednisone dose >5 mg/day19 (12.2%)
Not taking any prednisone5 (3.2%)
Refused to discontinue prednisone21 (13.5%)
Comorbidity (AIDS, cancer, etc)5 (3.2%)
Severe status (investigator not willing to risk discontinuing prednisone)4 (2.6%)
Pregnant or nursing3 (1.9%)
Surgery planned2 (1.3%)
Enrolled37 (23.7%)
Changed mind before randomisation6 (3.8%)
Total randomised31 (19.9%)