Table 3 Anatomical involvement of new-onset psoriasis (and occurring within 6 months of starting anti-tumour necrosis factor (TNF) therapy in patients 1–13)
PatientAge/sexTreatmentAffected areasTime to event, monthsImprovement on stoppingEULAR responder
160/FETAElbows and all over body3NAYes
263FETANot stated5NA
356FINFNot stated5
464/MINFPalmoplantar pustulosis6NAYes
663/FADAAll over, except face1YesNo
747/MADAPalmoplantar pustulosis1YesYes
836/FADAPalmoplantar pustulosis1YesNo
962/FADABack, knees, thighs1–*Yes
1058/FADAElbows, ankle2NAYes
1163FADANot stated3NA
1266/MADARight leg and arm4NAYes
1370FADANot stated4
1462METANot stated18NA
1540FETANot stated23NA
1656FETAPalmoplantar pustulosis24YesYes
1733FETABody and legs24NoYes
1954FINFTops of feet and legs12NAYes
2058FINFLegs, upper arms18NoYes
2156FADAPalmoplantar pustulosis10YesYes
2357FADAPalmoplantar pustulosis12NA
2561FADAArms, lower leg, buttocks, face17YesYes
  • *Treatment stopped, response unknown.

  • ADA, adalimumab; EULAR, European League Against Rheumatism; ETA, etanercept; INF, infliximab; NA, not applicable, treatment was not stopped