Table 1 Case reports of new onset psoriasis following treatment for rheumatoid arthritis with anti-tumour necrosis factor (TNF) therapy
PatientReferenceAge/sexAffected areasDiagnosisTreatmentLatency, months
1Beuthien et al1063FInjection site (thigh), palms and solesPapulopustular exanthaemaADA3
2Dereure et al1147FAnterior aspects of legsPsoriasisINF2
3Dereure et al1155FPalms, soles, umbilicus, ankles wrists and buttocksPsoriasisETA3
4Flendrie et al12Hands and feetPsoriasis/psoriaform eruptionADA9
5Flendrie et al12Lower legsPsoriasis/psoriaform eruptionADA48
6Flendrie et al12Arms and legsPsoriasis/psoriaform eruptionADA16
7Grinblat et al1337FScalp, arms and legsPsoriasisINF<1 week
8Sfikakis et al1465FPalms, soles, elbows, arms and thighsPsoriasisADA9
9Sfikakis et al1448FSoles, elbows, lower legsPsoriatic plaquesETA7
10Kary et al1541FPalms, soles, legs and armsPsoriasis vulgarisADA14–15
11Kary et al1565FLimbsPsoriasis vulgarisADA4 days
12Kary et al1538MLimbs and abdomen (Had family sister)Psoriasis vulgarisINF3
13Kary et al1567FPalms, arms, legs and scalp (Had family brother)Psoriasis pustulosaADA5
14Kary et al1549FLegs and soles of feet (pre-existing but asymptomatic)Psoriasis pustulosaINF8
15Kary et al1549FLegs and arms (pre-existing but asymptomatic for 15 years)Psoriasis pustulosaETA1
16Kary et al1563FExtremities and trunkPsoriasis vulgarisETA2
17Sari et al1630FScalp, elbows, abdomen and lower backPsoriasisETA2
18Goncalves et al1761FHands and feetPlaque psoriasisINF14
19Aslanidis et al1864FElbows, neck and scalpPsoriasisiform dermatitisADA3
20Cohen et al1970FPubis, umbilicus, legsPsoriasisINF41
21Cohen et al1963FLegs, armsPsoriasisETA10
22de Gannes et al2041FHeel and palmPalmoplantar psoriasisETA26
23de Gannes et al2053FElbowsPlaque psoriasisETA17
24de Gannes et al2066FScalp, arms, chest and neckPlaque and guttate psoriasisETA4
25de Gannes et al2051MElbowsPsoriasisETA12
26de Gannes et al2048FArms and trunkPapulosquamous eruptionETA3
27de Gannes et al2041FScalp, thigh and thumbPalmoplantar pustular psoriasisINF2
28de Gannes et al2052FPalmoplantar pustular psoriasisPalmoplantar pustular psoriasisINF24
29de Gannes et al2078FLesions on shinsThick surface keratin with focal parakeratosisINF2
30de Gannes et al2056MPalms, soles, legsPustular psoriasisADA62
31de Gannes et al2050MTrunk, shins and armsPsoriasisINF12
32de Gannes et al2055FPalms, soles and anklesPlaque and pustular psoriasisADA36
33de Gannes et al2049MPalms and solesPustular psoriasisADA5
34de Gannes et al2037FPlantar surfacesPlaque psoriasis with subsequent pustulesETA24
35Ubriani et al2165FLegs, trunk and extremitiesPsoriasisINF48
36Ubriani et al2145FPalmoplantar pustulosisPalmoplantar pustulosisADA1
37Starmans-Kool et al2262FHands and feet. Swollen hands, kneesPalmoplantar pustulosisINF5th Infusion
38Michaelsson et al2362FPalmoplantar pustulosis with lesions on legs and armsPalmoplantar pustulosis & pustular psoriasisINF2 weeks
39Michaelsson et al2350FPalmoplantar pustulosis with lesions on extremitiesPalmoplantar pustulosisINF1.5
40Roux et al2442FPsoriatic palmoplantaris pustulosisPsoriatic palmoplantaris pustulosisINF1.5
41Roux et al2432FPlantaris pustulosis with lesions on legs, arms and trunkPsoriatic palmoplantaris pustulosis & diffuse erythaematosquamous lesionsINF7
  • ADA, adalimumab; ETA, etanercept; INF, infliximab.