Table 4 Demographic and disease factors associated with BMD loss in the hands, hip and spine after 1 year, derived by univariate regression analyses
VariableBMD loss in handsBMD loss in hipBMD loss in spine
β coefficientp Valueβ coefficientp Valueβ coefficientp Value
Age, years−0.0680.002−0.0320.190.0120.56
Female gender0.260.710.550.46−0.370.55
Postmenopausal status−3.260.000−0.670.43−0.300.68
Smoking status−1.430.0270.8010.260.290.62
BMI, kg/m2 at baseline0.0030.970.140.13−0.0280.71
Duration complaints before inclusion, weeks0.0020.700.0060.190.0050.19
ACPA positive−0.3760.550.0530.940.7210.22
RF positive−1.240.055−0.0500.940.530.37
DAS at baseline−0.0680.85−0.180.670.0620.85
ΔDAS 0–1 year−0.260.33−0.230.450.160.52
CRP at baseline−0.0280.0000.0040.636−0.0080.290
ΔCRP 0–1 year0.0320.002−0.0040.6790.0080.388
HAQ at baseline−1.120.036−0.0790.130.600.16
ΔHAQ 0–1 year−0.420.36−0.440.370.0620.88
Erosions at baseline−0.0460.56−0.200.0150.0350.62
JSN at baseline−0.0570.57−0.0350.70−0.0370.66
ΔErosions 0–1 year−0.160.012−0.200.003−0.0440.44
ΔJSN 0–1 year−0.0460.37−0.0550.34−0.0240.62
BP use 0–1 year0.140.892.580.0084.020.000
Calcium supplement 0–1 year−0.0600.931.590.0371.560.015
Vitamin D supplement 0–1 year0.320.731.910.0521.620.048
HRT use 0–1 year0.560.53−1.020.31−0.190.82
  • ACPA, anti-citrullinated protein antibody; BMI, body mass index; RF, rheumatoid factor; DAS, disease activity score; CRP, C-reactive protein; HAQ, health assessment questionnaire; JSN, joint space narrowing; BP, bisphosphonates; HRT, hormone replacement therapy.