Table 5

Two-dimensional linkage search for influence on arthritis of additive effects and epistatic interactions between quantitative trait loci (QTLs) on Rattus norvegicus chomosome (RNO)4, RNO10 and RNO12

QTL combinationsSensitivityIncidenceSeverityChronicity
Additive effects:
    Significance threshold6.466.166.346.68
    RNO10 (97 Mb)/RNO10 (105 Mb)6.456.94NS6.15
    RNO10 (105 Mb)/RNO4 (158 Mb)
    RNO10 (97 Mb)/RNO12 (24 Mb)11.8NSNSNS
    RNO4 (158 Mb)/RNO4 (161 Mb)9.6NSNS6.57
    RNO4 (158 Mb)/RNO12 (24 Mb)15.459.26.487.12
    RNO10 (105 Mb)/RNO12 (24 Mb)NS9.05NSNS
Epistatic interactions:
    Significance threshold4.98
    RNO10 (100 Mb)/RNO10 (104 Mb)5.03
  • The table shows significance thresholds and LOD score values for given QTL combinations as calculated for 422 advanced intercross lines (AIL) individuals in pristane-induced arthritis (PIA).

  • NS, not significant.