Table 2

The seven domains included in the preliminary RAID score, corresponding instruments and the weight attributed to each domain by 505 patients

DomainQuestionnaireMean (SD) weight/100Median (IQR) weight/100Ranked weight/100
PainNRS21 (23)12 (12–24)21
Pain questions of SF36
FunctionNRS19 (16)15 (7–24)16
Modified HAQ
FatigueNRS17 (15)12 (6–24)15
Emotional well-beingNRS12 (14)12 (0–17)12
SleepNRS11 (12)12 (0–18)12
MOS sleep disturbance subscale
CopingNRS11 (12)12 (0–18)12
Coping questionnaire
Physical well-beingNRS9 (12)7 (0–12)12
  • IQR, interquartile range; SD, standard deviation; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; MOS, Medical Outcome Study subscale (4 questions); NRS, numerical rating scale; Coping questionnaire: 20 questions derived from a validated coping questionnaire.42

  • Weights are expressed as linearly transformed to a 0–100 range. The ranked weight was obtained by analysing the relative ranks of importance, then linearly transforming the result to a 0–100 scale.