Table 2 Frequency of gout flares during the observation period. The observation period was unique for each individual patient and depended on when the index date occurred within the period January 2000–June 2005
All patientssUA* >7 mg/dlsUA >8 mg/dlsUA >9 mg/dlsUA >10 mg/dl
Patients with one gout flare during their observation period (%)45.817.250.321.453.022.341.922.4
Patients with ⩾2 gout flares during their observation period (%)
Mean number of gout flares/patient1.
Mean number of gout flares/patient/year of observation period0.380.680.420.650.430.670.420.910.581.97
  • Conversion: sUA (mg/dl) ×59.48  =  μmol/l.

  • sUA, serum uric acid.