Table 1

Arthritis phenotypes recorded in a G7 (DA Ɨ PVG.1AV1) advanced intercross lines (AIL) population consisting of 422 individuals challenged with pristane

All animals3.5 (4.1)57% (240/422)6.1 (3.6)21% (87/422)
Males2.8 (3.8)**48%*** (88/184)5.9 (3.4)17% (31/184)
Females4.0 (4.2)**64%*** (152/238)6.3 (3.7)36% (55/238)
  • Rats were subjected to a single intradermal injection of pristane (nā€Š=ā€Š422) and arthritis phenotypes were determined until 70 days postinjection. Sensitivity and severity are displayed as mean (SD). For sensitivity, animals without clinical signs of arthritis are included as score 0.

  • **p<0.005 comparing males and females; ***p<0.001 comparing males and females.