Table 3

Comparison of this study with other validation studies of different versions of the Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score (BVAS)

CharacteristicsThis studyLuqmani, 19949Stone, 200111
No of patients in the study313213117
Face validity
Convergent validity
    Treatment decisionrs = 0.66
    Other validated scorers = 0.92 with BVAS(v.2)Τ = 0.29 with Kallenberg index
    C–reactive protein levelrs = 0.43
    Physician’s global assessmentrs = 0.91Τ = 0.35*rs = 0.92
    Vasculitis activity indexrs = 0.88Τ = 0.56
Repeatability in real patientsICC = 0.96
Reproducibility in real patientsICC = 0.96✓ (No statistic done)ICC = 0.97
Sensitive to change in disease states
  • The assessments for each form of validation were conducted on a subset of the whole cohort in each of the three studies. Absent values denote that the test was not performed.

  • *Not statistically significant.

  • ✓, correlation was looked for and concluded to be positive; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; rs, Spearman rank correlation coefficient; Τ, Kendall rank correlation coefficient.