Table 5

Disease activity in “high GDP” and “low GDP” countries, according to current medications

“High GDP” countries“Low GDP” countriesp Value†
DAS28, meanDAS28, mean
    Taking methotrexate now3.65.1<0.001
    No methotrexate now3.85.2<0.001
p Value*0.0030.028
    Taking prednisone now3.95.3<0.001
    No prednisone now3.54.8<0.001
p Value*0.0010.001
    Taking biologicals now3.74.4<0.001
    No biologicals now3.75.2<0.001
p Value*0.63<0.001
  • *Comparison within “high GDP”/“low GDP” countries. †Comparison between “high GDP”/“low GDP” countries. DAS28, disease activity score in 28 joints; GDP, gross domestic product.