Table 1

Demographics and baseline clinical characteristics of patients with RA who received tocilizumab at any time during the blinded period or open-label extension of the tocilizumab study

Tocilizumab (n  =  143)
    Age, years (SD)54.3 (11.1)
    No of men/no of women34/109
Clinical characteristics
    RA duration, years (SD)9.9 (8.4)
    No of failed DMARD, mean (range)4.5 (1–11)
    Functional class,* I/II/III/IV10/93/40/0
    RA stage,* I/II/III/IV3/34/56/50
    Tender joint count, 0–49 scale (SD)20.3 (10.3)
    Swollen joint count, 0–46 scale (SD)14.5 (8.7)
    ESR, mm/h (SD)68.7 (29.9)
    CRP, mg/dl (SD)4.7 (3.3)
    DAS28 (SD)6.7 (1.0)
  • Values are mean (SD) unless stated otherwise. The data were calculated from the baseline of the double-blind trial (4 mg/kg group, 8 mg/kg group) and from the extension trial (placebo group). *Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) functional status determined by American College of Rheumatology criteria. RA stage determined by Steinbrocker’s criteria. CRP, C-reactive protein; DAS28, disease activity score in 28 joints; DMARD, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate.