Table 1 Demographic variables and joint involvement (mean (SD)) for continuous variables, percentages for counts)
CRx-102 (n = 42)Placebo (n = 41)
Age61.1 (5.0)59.6 (5.3)
Height, cm166.0 (6.7)167.7 (8.2)
Weight, kg71.1 (12.0)74.5 (14.6)
Percentage with OA joint involvement:
Right MTP joint I3610
Left MTP joint I3310
Lumbar spine2417
Cervical spine197
Right hip1710
Left hip1012
Right knee197
Left knee1710
Other joints1715
Finger joints: percentage with radiographic grade 2–4 K–L score:
Minimal (2)1412
Moderate (3)4532
Severe (4)4056
  • K–L, Kellgren–Lawrence; MTP, metatarsophalangeal; OA, osteoarthritis.