Table 1 Final ratings for outcome domains in studies of acute gout
Median rating (30th to 70th percentiles)‡Disagreement index§
Pain*1 (1 to 1)0
Patient global*2 (1 to 2)0.22
Physician global2 (2 to 3)0.32
Work disability (absentee-ism or presentee-ism)3 (2 to 3)0.32
Inflammation of joint*†
    Joint erythema3 (2 to 3)0.32
    Joint tenderness1 (1 to 2)0.22
    Joint swelling1 (1 to 2)0.22
    Acute phase marker3 (2 to 4)0.85
    Functional disability (difficulty with daily activities)2 (1 to 3)0.52
    Joint impairment (loss of joint motion)3 (2 to 4)0.85
  • *Items recommended by OMERACT SIG.

  • †These two items were rated highly in the first iteration (median 1) but respondents requested more precise clarification of meaning for subsequent iterations.

  • ‡Ratings of 1–3 indicate item should be included in studies of gout; 4 indicates uncertainty; 5–7 indicate item should not be included in studies of gout.

  • §A disagreement index of less than 1 indicates no disagreement.10