Table 2 Mean score values (SD) of the “microangiopathy evolution score” (sum of the scores of loss of capillaries, disorganisation of the microvascular array, and capillary ramifications), in 90 patients with systemic sclerosis (total patients), evaluated at baseline and at the end of the follow-up (mean follow-up = 72 (23) months)
Total patients (n = 90)Patients with increased “evolution score” (n = 53)Patients with decreased “evolution score” (n = 22)Patients with unchanged “evolution score”* (n = 15)
Baseline3.0 (2.5)2.9 (2.4)3.4 (2.7)2.6 (2.7)
End of follow-up4.2 (2.8)4.9 (2.6)1.9 (2.4)2.6 (2.7)
Statistical significancep<0.0001p<0.0001p<0.0001p = NS
  • The mean scores in patients showing either reduction or increase of the evolution score are also reported. Statistical significance for “end of follow-up” versus “baseline” is given.