Table 1 Clinical and laboratory data of the patients studied
UPNAge/sexDuration (months)DASPrevious medicationCurrent medication*
143/F67.1No15 mg/weekNoLEFInfliximab†MTX, Infliximab
261/M365.3No20 mg/weekNoLEF, CSA, SSAEtanercept‡, Adalimumab§MTX
458/M728.4No20 mg/weekNoLEF, SSAKineret¶Kineret
571/M64.6No20 mg/weekNoNoneInfliximabInfliximab
632/F35.1No15 mg/weekNoCSA, SSA, HCQNoneMTX, HCQ, SSA
777/F95.4No15 mg/week5 mg/dayLEF, CSA, SSA, D-PenNoneLEF, PDN
858/M153.8No20 mg/week7.5 mg/dayLEF, CSA, SSA, d-penAdalimumabMTX, LEF, PDN
973/F45.6No15 mg/weekNoLEF, CSA, SSA, HCQInfliximab, AdalimumabMTX, Adalimumab
1056/F253.0No15 mg/week5 mg/dayCSANoneMTX, PDN
1150/F327.1No15 mg/week5 mg/dayLEF, CSA, HCQInfliximab, Kineret, Rituximab**LEF, Rituximab, PDN
1266/F2406.1No15 mg/week5 mg/dayLEF, CSAAdalimumabAdalimumab, PDN
1354/F65.8Yes15 mg/weekNoHCQNoneMTX, HHQ
1477/M602.6No20 mg/week5 mg/dayCSANoneMTX, PDN
1575/F153.9No15 mg/weekNoLEF, CSA, SSA, HCQ, d-penAdalimumabMTX, Adalimumab
1662/M1565.8No20 mg/weekNoLEF, CSAInfliximab, RituximabLEF, Rituximab
1753/M726.8No20 mg/weekNoLEF, CSAInfliximab, RituximabLEF, MTX, CSA, Infliximab
2059/F488.4Yes15 mg/week5 mg/dayLEF, CSA, d-penNoneLEF, CSA, PDN
2151/F2406.5Yes15 mg/weekNoNoneNoneMTX
2358/F606.8Yes15 mg/weekNoHCQNoneHHQ, PDN
2645/F365.3No20 mg/week5 mg/dayCSANoneMTX, HHQ
  • *Patients had discontinued any medication for at least 24 h prior to BM aspiration. †Human/murine chimeric anti-TNFα monoclonal antibody (3 mg/kg every 4–8 weeks). ‡Recombinant human soluble p75 TNF receptor fusion protein (25 mg/biweekly). §Humanised anti-TNF monoclonal antibody (40 mg every 2 weeks). ¶Interleukin 1β receptor antagonist (100 mg/day). **Human/murine chimeric anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody (2 doses of 1 g within 2 weeks). CSA, ciclosporine-A (150 mg/day) ; d-pen, d-penicillamine (200 mg/day); DAS, Disease Activity Score; DMARDs, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs; HCQ, hydroxychloroquine (400 mg/day); HHQ, hexahydroquinoline; LEF, leflunamide (10–20 mg/day); MTX, methotrexate; NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; PDN, prednisone; SSA, sulphasalazine-A (2 g/day); TNF, tumour necrosis factor; UPN, unique patient number.