Table 3 Clinical and laboratory characteristics of children and adults with septic arthritis in Iceland 1990–2002
<2 years2–16 yearsTotal16–65 years>65 yearsTotal
No. of cases31386910183184
Infected joint:
    Hands and feet07.9%4.3%11.9%8.4%10.3%
Iatrogenic infections0%2.7%1.5%42%40%41.8%
Admission data:
    Temperature (°C)
    Peripheral blood:
    WBC (×109/litre)13.610.511.911.69.510.7
    ESR (mm/h)522835548068
    CRP (mg/litre)483844125189125
    Culture positive23%24%24%28%41%35%
Synovial fluid:
    WBC (×106/litre)107 10065 90072 60050 00058 40052 700
    Gram stain positive35%35%35%46%52%49%
    Culture positive45%62%54%87%81%84%
Normal admission values:
    Temperature <37.8°C19%26%23%41%44%42%
    WBC <10×109/litre6%43%26%36%57%46%
    ESR <20 mm/h8%26%18%18%7%12%
    CRP <10 mg/litre9%11%7%12%18%15%
  • Median values for WBC, ESR, CRP and temperature are shown.

  • CRP, C-reactive protein; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; WBC, white blood cell count.