Table 3 Clinical and laboratory features of 14 anti-Ku positive patients and 95% bootstrap CIs of age/sex-matched systemic sclerosis (SSc) controls drawn from 43 control patients
Anti-Ku positive (n = 14)Controls (n = 43)Anti-Ku positive (%)95% CI of age/sex-matched controls (%)
dcSSc21214.314.3 to 42.9
Teleangiectasias*528/4235.753.8 to 92.3
Raynaud phenomenon†124385.7100.0
Ulcers*422/4128.638.5 to 78.6
Calcinosis38/3921.415.4 to 50.0
Acroosteolysis14/337.10.0 to 25.0
Sicca symptoms41028.67.1 to 42.9
Synovitis*6942.97.1 to 38.5
Joint contractions*71150.07.1 to 42.9
Muscle weakness, atrophy*6342.90.0 to 21.4
CK elevation*6142.90.0 to 7.1
Peripheral neuropathy45/2728.60.0 to 36.4
Oesophageal (dysphagia, reflux)102771.453.9 to 85.7
Stomach (early satiety, vomiting)3421.40.0 to 21.4
Intestine2414.30.0 to 30.8
Dyspnoea (significant)52135.735.7 to 64.3
Fibrosis; plain x ray82457.135.7 to 71.4
Restrictive defect (lung function test)4/1216/4236.428.6 to 64.3
Pulmonary hypertension (ECHO)5/1110/3845.521.4 to 53.8
Palpitations137.17.1 to 21.4
Conduction blocks37/4221.414.3 to 35.7
Diastolic function abnormal2/118/3818.20.0 to 33.3
Reduced ventricular ejection fraction1/114/389.10.0 to 16.7
Hypertension*21814.328.6 to 64.3
Renal crisis†000.00.0
ANA1443100.092.9 to 100.0
ACA*0150.021.4 to 57.1
Nucleolar*121185.721.4 to 57.1
Punctuate nucleolar*147.114.3 to 42.9
Anti-ENA31321.414.3 to 50.0
Anti-Scl70*197.114.3 to 50.0
Other2414.37.1 to 21.4
  • Biopsy and EMG were suggestive of myositis. Statistical calculations were performed from columns 4 and 5.

  • *Statistically significant; †no confidence intervals could be calculated since all controls had the same value.

  • ACA, anti-centromere antibodies; ANA, anti-nuclear antibodies; CK, creatine phosphokinase; dcSSc, diffuse cutaneous SSc; ECHO, echocardiography; EMG, electromyogram; ENA, extractable nuclear antigen; NP, biopsy not performed; Scl, scleroderma.