Table 1 Characteristics of patients and reference subjects at first assessment
CharacteristicsMeniscectomised subjects (n = 259Reference subjects (n = 50)
Age, mean (SD)52.6 (10.4)53.4 (9.8)
Years since operation, mean (SD)18.2 (2.3)
Gender, male, n (%)209 (81)39 (78)
BMI, mean kg/m2 (SD)26.1 (3.5)25.7 (4.0)
Radiographic OA, n/total n (%)
Index knee, TF OA*114/241 (47)4/50 (8)
Index knee, PF OA*46/240 (19)3/47 (6)
Contralateral knee, TF OA*55/240 (23)5/50 (10)
Contralateral knee, PF OA*15/238 (6)1/47 (2)
Total no. of OA compartments (TF or PF) in both knees (1/2/3/4)71/42/9/12
  • *For the reference subjects, radiographic OA of the right knee is given for index knee and radiographic OA of the left knee is given for the contralateral knee.

  • BMI, body mass index; OA, osteoarthritis PF, patellofemoral; TF, tibiofemoral.