Table 4 Number of patients treated for hypertension at the time of inclusion, at year 1 and year 2
Drug useCombination therapyDaily dosage*MonotherapyDaily dosage*
At inclusion:1814
Amlodipine810 mg (5–10)510 mg (5–10)
Metoprolol02100 mg
Other drugs96
At 1 year:2818
Amlodipine145 mg (5–10)1110 mg (5–10)
Metoprolol5100 mg (50–200)675 mg (50–200)
Other drugs20
At 2 years:1919
Amlodipine87.5 mg (5–10)117.5 mg (5–10)
Metoprolol5100 mg (100–200)5100 mg (50–200)
Other drugs50
Total no. of patients3323
  • Number of patients in each treatment group that received antihypertensive treatment at the three time points is shown. All drugs were given in standard dosages.

  • *Median (range).