Table 3 Equations proposed for the conversion of the assessments A into scores S for the five components of the BASMIlin
S = 0 if:Between 0 and 10:S = 10 if:
Lateral lumbar flexion* (cm)A⩾21.1S = (21.1−A)/2.1A⩽0.1
Tragus-to-wall distance* (cm)A⩽8S = (A−8)/3A⩾38
Lumbar flexion (modified Schober) (cm)A⩾7.4S = (7.4−A)/0.7A⩽0.4
Intermalleolar distance (cm)A⩾124.5S = (124.5−A)/10A⩽24.5
Cervical rotation angle* (°)A⩾89.3S = (89.3−A)/8.5A⩽4.3
  • *For lateral lumbar flexion, tragus-to-wall distance, and cervical rotation the average of right and left should be taken.

  • If a score lies beyond the range 0–10, the values 0 or 10 have to be used, respectively. For facilitating computer calculations with “if... then... else” fields in a table calculation program such as Microsoft Excel, the limits of the linear ranges are also given. The BASMIlin is the mean of the five scores.

  • BASMI, Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Metrology Index.