Table 1 Conversion table for BASMI2; the BASMI2 is the sum of the five scores
If:Then score = 
Lateral lumbar flexion* (cm)>10 cm5–10 cm<5 cm
Tragus-to-wall distance* (cm)<15 cm15–30 cm>30 cm
Lumbar flexion (modified Schober) (cm)>4 cm2–4 cm<2 cm
Intermalleolar distance (cm)>100 cm70–100 cm<70 cm
Cervical rotation angle* (°)>70°20–70°<20°
  • *For lateral lumbar flexion, tragus-to-wall distance, and cervical rotation the average of right and left should be taken.

  • BASMI, Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Metrology Index.