Table 1 Organ involvement and serology of the 25 patients with systemic lupus erythaematosus (SLE) prior to B cell depletion therapy (BCDT)
Flare <1 yearPatient*Organs involveddsDNA IgM*dsDNA IgGSmRNPRoHistoneBLyS9G4+ IgM*9G4+ IgG*9G4+anti-dsDNA*Disease duration (years)B cell return (months)
2J S CVS+++++115
3J CVS+++10>42
6J S CVS R+++++95
8J CNS R++36
9J S CVS R++++++10NA
10J S R++++55
13J S CNS R+67
14J H++38
15S J R++++4NA
17S R+14
23J S++++204
24J S CVS++++++++79
30J S R++++++++176
31J S CVS R+++++22NA
33J S R+++++57
34J S R++++++++++83
+4J S CVS R++++++++106
+12J CVS R++++++++810
+19J S CVS R++++127
+20J S CVS R+++44
+26J S R+++++33
+27J CVS CNS+++++++24NA
+28J S++++++12
+29J CVS R+++++++1015
+32J R+++27
  • For IgM anti-dsDNA and 9G4 expression on serum immunoglobulins and anti-dsDNA antibodies, the lower limit for a positive result was the mean (3SD) given by nine normal control sera in the same experiment. For IgG antibodies to dsDNA, Sm, Sm/RNP, Ro/SSA and histone, cut-off for positive was per manufacturers’ instructions. For BLyS, the lower limit of quantification was 0.858 ng/ml. Values above this were regarded as positive.

  • *Patient numbers as in Ng et al.11 BLyS, B lymphocyte stimulator; CNS, central nervous system; CVS, cardiovascular system; h, haematological; J, joint; NA, not available; R, kidney/renal; RNP, ribonucleoprotein; S, skin.