Table 1 Overview of included studies (n = 90), grouped by joint category, showing genes analysed, numbers of significant associations, and replication across studies
Total no. of:Joints affected
Significant associations1930592263
Genes analysed3853161319144
Genes reported to be significantly associated1623561553
Genes analysed by ⩾2 studies*152603820
Significant associations replicated†2602410
  • ”Multiple” indicates patients with OA in two or more major joint groups (typically some form of hand OA plus OA in one other major joint). The “Hip/knee” and “Any” categories indicate that hip and knee OA patients, or patients with OA in any joint, respectively, were pooled by the authors of the respective study.

  • *Repetition of a specific gene-joint association analysis by two or more studies (see text for details).

  • †Instances of replicated reporting of a significant gene–OA association by two or more studies (see text for details).